Happy New Year! 2012

Dear Friends,

Every New Year is a new beginning. There are times for all natural processes to begin, mature, and end. These cycles are happening in our own lives right now. It is possible to take advantage of this if we know how. If we do, we will find that what is happening in life actually supports us instead of holding us back.

I grew up near the ocean and spent a lot of time in it. Waves are coming to the beach all the time. But it takes some understanding as well as energy to actually catch one of those waves and let it push you in toward the beach. With the help of someone who already knows how, and with a more practice one can learn how to ride with the wave to use its energy more effectively and have a lot more fun.

The teachings of yoga are a complete science to understanding and working with the natural cycles and energy of our current human state as well as its greatest potential in spirit. Meditation is the central practice recommend in yoga for developing the mind and our highest potential.

The wave of 2012 is upon us right now!

May we each take the steps needed to continue forward on our own journey toward the greatest inner peace and joy -even beyond our own imaginations!



Turiya & Ashleigh

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